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Today's topic is Calling on Allah by His Beautiful Names & Attributes

Ayat Al Qur’an - ​​Al-A'raf 7:180 (The Heights)

وَلِلَّهِ ٱلْأَسْمَآءُ ٱلْحُسْنَىٰ فَٱدْعُوهُ بِهَا وَذَرُوا۟ ٱلَّذِينَ يُلْحِدُونَ فِىٓ أَسْمَٰٓئِهِۦ سَيُجْزَوْنَ مَا كَانُوا۟ يَعْمَلُونَ

And (all) the Most Beautiful Names belong to Allah, so call on Him by them, and leave the company of those who belie or deny (or utter impious speech against) His Names. They will be requited for what they used to do.

Source: The Noble Qur’an Translation 

1 Hadith

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, (ﷺ) said,

“Allah has ninety-nine names. Whoever preserves them will enter Paradise.”

Source: Sahīh al-Bukhārī 7392, Sahīh Muslim 2677

Reflection Point:

So let's stop for a minute and ponder over these miraculous verses along with the hadith. Sometimes when we read the Qur’an, we often think that it is referring to somebody else, other than our own selves. It’s important to understand that the Qur’an is addressing us directly dear brothers & sisters..
So therefore we should treat it in this way.

Allah The Mighty, The Majestic is telling us clearly here that we should call upon him by his beautiful names and attributes. In our duas and supplications, we should call upon Allah alone, using the names that he has mentioned in the Qur’an. So this week, think about the ups and downs in our lives, the trials, the difficulties, the good times and the bad and call upon Allah with those names that are connected to your personal circumstances (the good and the bad) insha Allah.

So to encourage our subscribers with this, we have prepared a comprehensive, practical and beautifully designed Infographic download with some of the beautiful names of Allah, that you can remind yourself, friends, family members and those around you to use throughout your days in remembrance of Allah, The Most High.

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"Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a reward like one who did it. 

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 1893

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