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REFLECT - All-In-One Young Learner's Quran Journal (Juz 1 to 30)

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Complete Young Learner's Quran Journal (Juz 1 to 30)- Trace, Translation, Tafseer (Carefully selected Ayat)

This beautifully designed Qur'an Journal is specially designed for young learners. It is a collection of carefully selected ayat from the Glorious Qur'an, that helps young learners build a connection and love for the Glorious Qur'an. This resource takes young learners on a journey of discovery with engaging stories and the authentic meaning of the miraculous verses. It encompasses, carefully selected imagery elements of tracing, authentic translation taken from Tafseer Ibn Katheer and plentiful reminders and prompts related to the Qur'an.

This educational resource is a great way to cultivate children's relationship with The Qur'an. This beautifully illustrated Journal provides the opportunity to connect with the Quran and structure your child's learning in a way that fits in line with your time.

This journal will help guide young learners on a journey to connect them with the Quran in a meaningful way.

• Beautiful Young Learning Illustrations: Great for visible learners. This resource draws on beautiful illustration with stories from the Qur'an.

• Digital Resource: Flexible product to use on all digital devices, at anytime and anywhere. You can simple print the resource or use on a digital devices of your choice.

• Quran
 Tracing: Regardless of the level you are, practice Arabic writing by tracing the verses. This feature helps young learners improve motor skills and develop focus and concentration.

• Authentic 
Tafsir: Read through and write the background, context, and explanation of each verse with a friend or family member. Perfect as a teaching and learning  resource (Teachers, parents and guardians). Supported with the most well known authentic Tafsir Ibn Kathir.

• Reflection Questions & Exercises
: Reflect with light and short questions and exercises throughout the text, to make young learners ponder over the miraculous verses.

• Self Reflection & Growth
: Write goals and milestones to help young learners grow and develop into young Muslim men & women. 

 Please Note: Sunnah Infographics Resources can be opened with Adobe Acrobat, Apple Preview, (Best free PDF reader for Mac by Apple), Kdan PDF Reader, Readdle PDF Expert, Foxit PDF Editor & PDFelement. The files can also be opened in Good Notes.